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                      Qingdao Haili Emergency Safety Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (under the Qingdao Hai Liya Group) was established in 2010, for the whole society to "experience" emergency safety education and training.

                      The company in 2014 self-financing the establishment of Qingdao City, the first large-scale, professional and characteristic of the disaster prevention and emergency rescue safety knowledge interactive comprehensive experience venues - Qingdao emergency safety education and training center. Training center as a whole by the fire experience training area, subway experience training area, earthquake experience training area, campus emergency training area, medical self-help training area, traffic emergency training area, safety production and civil air defense training area, multimedia training classroom 10 large area and 25 Interactive point. With professional emergency safety instructor (instructor) 34 people. Training center for enterprises and institutions workers, students, community tailored to the government government government emergency topics, emergency desktop publishing topics, large shopping malls fire evacuation emergency topics, campus emergency evacuation plans and exercises topics, campus emergency safety games, kitchen emergency safety Topics and so on. In 2014, through the Ministry of Civil Affairs Emergency Relief Promotion Center reply agreed that the center to carry out emergency rescue workers vocational skills qualification training institutions.
                       In 2016, the company introduced the province's first "mobile emergency safety experience museum." The mobile experience hall covers the "traffic safety experience area", "medical emergency experience area", "earthquake safety experience area", "drowning experience area", "home safety experience area", "flue escape experience area", "fire Security experience area "seven areas. The mobile emergency safety experience museum uses "scene type + experiential" training and education mode, with knowledge quiz, interactive games, escape exercises and other forms, has to go to Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao and other regions, so that students, the masses and other places to study first aid And hedge knowledge. In 2016, the company to undertake the city of Qingdao to do practical emergency training of 68,000 primary and secondary students, as of now nearly 300,000 people benefit from it.
                        Since the establishment of the company, by all levels of government and leadership affirmed and the community wide acclaim, has been identified as Shandong Province earthquake disaster prevention science education base, Qingdao City Board of Education primary and secondary emergency safety experience training base, Qingdao City, concerned about the next generation Working committee youth safety education practice base, Qingdao science popular education base and so on.

                Qingdao Haili Emergency Safety Management Consulting Co., Ltd

                May 2013, Chairman Zhang Xuming for the National School of
                Administration Office-level civil service safety and emergency training.

                December 4, 2014, the company emergency safety professional lecturer
                 for the China Life headquarters staff emergency self-help training.

                July 16, 2015, Ashton English language education institutions of
                students into the company for emergency safety education and training.

                October 9, 2016, Qingdao City, Anshan two primary school students
                into the company to "3-6" class earthquake simulation experience learning.

                July 30, 2015, China and South Korea Red Cross Youth Exchange
                team into the company for emergency safety education and
                training exchange study.

                October 11, 2016, Qingdao City, the fourth middle school students
                into the company to carry out subway emergency escape experience.

                On June 8, 2016, students from the campus safety and child emergency
                relief courses in developing countries entered the company for
                emergency safety and cultural exchange study.

                In March 2016, the National Emergency Rescue Professional Qualification
                Training Course was officially opened in the company, and students
                were trained at the first stage.

                May 9, 2016, Qingdao Municipal Party School in the company held
                in the city management cadres emergency training emergency training.

                July 22, 2015, the company emergency safety professional lecturer
                into Qingdao Xin Fu Sheng Yihai International Hotel for enterprise
                fire emergency safety education and training.

                December 10, 2015, the company for the Licang District 33 communities
                for "gas safety training."

                November 4, 2015, the company emergency safety professional lecturer for
                the Qingdao Dongsheng Road Primary School custom campus emergency
                safety games, through a series of competition projects, enhance students emergency skills.

                April 12, 2015, the company emergency safety professional lecturer
                for China Life Insurance Company Limited (Beijing headquarters) staff
                "emergency response to self-help first responders" training.

                In May 2016, the company emergency professional lecturers participated
                in the national earthquake disaster reduction activities held in Beijing,
                through the "mobile emergency safety experience museum" public welfare
                for students to popularize the safety and safety of knowledge and skills.