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                Your current location: Home > Group > Company culture
                [Business purposes]: the development of specialized products and services to social users return employees
                【Common vision】: a special rope International famous brand emergency safety self-help industry China's first brand
                [Core concept]: security professional Houde
                【Enterprise mission】: respect for the life of the risk of economic protection for human life escort
                [Entrepreneurial spirit]: tough and persistent self-transcendence
                [Business style]: active and progressive
                [Business philosophy]: integrity legislation enterprises and enterprises of enterprises and enterprises strong enterprises
                【Management concept】: strict from the fine self-discipline results-oriented efficiency first
                [Service concept]: want customers to think about customers did not think
                [Security concept]: zero defect zero risk zero accident
                [Development concept]: do not seek the largest but specializes in special new
                [Talent concept]: people do their job as talent
                [Team concept]: and different complement each other